$300K for prompting and TikTok Bytes the Dust?

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It’s all in the prompting

AI Prompt Engineer is the talk of the town, and you can earn up to $335,000 per year if you up your chat game with these tips for ChatGPT and other AI tools. No BS; we’re cutting straight to the chase to give you the essentials of smart querying. It might not be your career, but it will be part of it, guaranteed.

1. Detail is King: Starting with vague questions gets you nowhere. Sharpen your asks by adding specifics. Instead of asking for "online marketing tips," get real and say, "How do I craft a digital marketing plan for my home decor online shop?" The more context you give, the better the AI can tailor its advice.

2. Keep it Snappy: Clear and to-the-point wins the race. AI doesn’t do well with rambling, so cut to the chase. Instead of a winding sentence about integrating a CRM system, try "Steps to implement a CRM in a midsize company?" It’s about making your prompts punchy for smarter, on-target responses.

3. Smart Follow-ups: Use the AI’s memory to your advantage. Start broad, then narrow down with follow-up questions. This tactic, known as prompt chaining, helps keep the AI focused on what’s relevant, giving you deeper insights. For instance, kick off with "What’s the role of AI in cybersecurity?" followed by "Can you break down the AI cybersecurity debate?" This way, you get the broad strokes first, then dive into the details.

4. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different angles. The way you frame your question can dramatically shift the AI’s response. Playing with comparisons or setting up scenarios can unearth more nuanced answers. Ask it to role-play as a tech consultant for fresh strategies on gaining market share for your new SaaS startup or explore hypotheticals like moving a company to the cloud to tease out potential challenges.

5.Advanced Moves Once you’ve got the basics down, spice it up with few-shot learning by providing examples for the AI to mimic, or use chain-of-thought prompting to tackle complex problems through step-by-step logic. Meta-prompting, where you get the AI to refine your own prompts, is another way to level up your queries for even better results.

We’re all going to be using it. It’s a function of how you communicate with your new best friend.

🔥 Why You Should Care - GPT prompting skills can safeguard careers in AI-driven industries.
🔑 Key Point - It might not end up being your career, but it will be part of it.

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Deskless Wonders: The Hot Desking Shuffle

Globally, many companies have a great idea on how to drop some cash to the bottom line, by shrinking their office footprints and cutting billions in office leases. Makes sense, but then these same companies turn around and mandate that everyone must return to the mothership at least a few days a week. The veritable quandary: where are all these people supposed to sit?

This clash between companies pushing for more in-office time while simultaneously trying to reduce real estate costs and shed office leases is causing friction. Seriously, the return to office mandate without physical office space has sparked some humor and a lot of frustration among many individuals. Social media is rife with frustrations from workers questioning the value proposition of these return-to-office mandates if the office experience is subpar. There’s a serious disconnect that could severely impact employee morale and sentiment.

The data suggests the lack of adequate office space may be a legitimate issue, despite low overall occupancy rates. Estimates show over a third of office desks and workstations globally going unused weekly. So now we’re talking about desk sharing or “hot desking”.

Part of the challenge lies with aging office buildings in need of renovations to meet modern workspace needs and amenities. This outdated real estate will likely struggle more with occupancy issues compared to newer office spaces. Additionally, a contingent of employees remains unwilling to return to an office setup, potentially emboldened by perceived inadequacies.

🔥 Why You Should Care - Know what to expect if you’re going back

🔑 Key Point - RTO without desks is a whole different experience - not good

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🚀 Tools

Elevate Your Game: Best deals going in the education space.

Image Credits: Achievers

Ok, so you’ve heard this for the gazillionth time: upskill or reskill to avoid knowledge base jobs from AI disruption. But, the fact is, the need for upskilling and reskilling has become more critical than ever, especially for those navigating their careers in the digital economy. As remote work becomes a staple and the job market shifts, it's essential to stay ahead by harnessing the wealth of online resources available for personal and professional development. Following is a quick list of mostly free access:

  1. LinkedIn Learning: The go-to for leveraging the professional network you've been building. It offers over 6,000 courses. You can showcase new certifications directly on your profile, making you more visible to potential employers.

  2. FutureLearn: Your gateway to mastering the arts of business, media, literature, and history. It's your golden ticket to either broadening your horizons or polishing those shiny skills.

  3. Code Academy: Where coding courses in web development, programming, and data science await. Fear not, for most adventures here are shorter than a half-day quest and free to embark upon!

  4. Google Digital Garage: Your toolkit for thriving in the digital wilderness. With myriad digital marketing and analytics courses, you're set to conquer the digital domain.

  5. Hubspot Academy: Where marketing knowledge flows abundantly. Dive into content marketing, SEO, and social media courses, and emerge with certificates to proclaim your newfound expertise!

  6. Skillshare: Unleash your creative potential with thousands of classes in design, photography, and videography. Whether you’re starting from scratch or honing existing skills, there’s something here to spark your creativity.

  7. Alison: Offering courses on a broad spectrum from time management to web design, Alison stands out by providing free access to expertise from top professionals, culminating in certifications or diplomas in various fields.

  8. Coursera: Access academic excellence with on-demand lectures and assignments from leading universities and companies. Coursera’s expanded range of free courses is an invaluable resource for those looking to broaden their knowledge base.

  9. Springboard Data Analysis: In a world driven by data, Springboard’s curriculum on data analysis, machine learning, and programming is a golden ticket to advancing in a data-centric career.

  10. Udacity: Accenture stepped up to buy Udacity, which marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the MOOC marketplace and heralds a new era of opportunities for digital and knowledge workers. Udacity offers a vast array of real-world applications and global projects managed by Accenture, which is huge for the digital workforce. This translates into unparalleled access to top-tier professional development resources, enhancing their skills in critical areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing.

    These platforms are bridges to your next career milestone, providing the skills and certifications to make you stand out in a competitive job market. Whether you're seeking to pivot your career or enhance your current position, the opportunity for growth and advancement is vast and readily accessible from the comfort of your home.

🔥 Why You Should Care - Adapting to market changes ensures relevance.

🔑 Key Point - Most of these offerings are free

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