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AI- sexois

In the contemporary recruitment landscape, artificial intelligence-based resume screening tools are ubiquitous and integral to the hiring process. Candidates must navigate these automated systems effectively to secure an opportunity for direct interaction with a human recruiter for their desired role. Each system, often governed by distinct rule-based algorithms, presents unique challenges. You don’t know these proprietary rules, and attempts to manipulate the system via strategic keyword inclusion are ineffective and potentially detrimental. At this point, recruiters know the story. Resumes that appear contrived or exaggerated to human hiring managers will undermine the applicant's perceived authenticity and qualifications.

Customizing your resume to align closely with the job description is the most effective strategy for advancing beyond the initial screening stages. This approach involves incorporating relevant keywords from the job listing and demonstrating your experience that directly addresses the hiring manager's specific requirements, showcasing your suitability for the role.

AI screening isn’t perfect. New York University has suggested that AI resume-screening systems utilized by major Fortune 500 companies may exhibit bias against mothers, particularly those who have taken substantial maternity leave. Another study showed possible racial bias in algorithms. At Candle we’re rethinking the process from the ground up and can’t wait to show you.

"Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life."Mark Twain

Mood Swings & Unicorn Dreams

Get off you lazy a$$ and get moving.

Staying active and eating well is about more than just looking trim in the office. Maintaining good health boosts productivity more than a triple-shot caramel macchiato ever could. Science shows that employees who exercise regularly and get sufficient nutrients have more energy, better focus, decreased stress, and an overall happier mood.

The improved sharpness means quicker task completion and fewer mistakes. The endorphins also encourage creative problem-solving, allowing you to heroically leap over obstacles in a single bound to meet tight deadlines.

Meanwhile, the fun perks of fitness include getting outside for walking meetings instead of more tedious conference calls. You’ll return refreshed and inspired rather than stiff from sitting. Bringing wholesome snacks and lunch keeps you nourished and avoids the midday energy crash from vending machine candy.

Just as important, if not more important than exercise, is your diet. A common saying in the fitness industry is you can’t outwork a bad diet, and that’s the truth. Maybe hire a trainer to hang around and slap that crappy fast food out of your hands.

And don’t listen to the advertisements that promise you fast results because you will gain or lose those results just as fast. Focus on healthy lifestyle changes you can maintain, and stick to what will yield the best and most sustainable results.

Fresh Out of Silicon Valley (or Someone’s Garage)

The Quirky World of Apple AirTags: Pros, Cons, and a 'Not-So-Easy' Button for the Bad Guys

Apple AirTags - these tiny trackers emerge as both a boon for the scatterbrained and a potential bane for personal privacy. On one hand, they're a godsend for locating everything from wandering pets to elusive car keys, transforming frustrating searches into a tech-savvy game of hide-and-seek.

On the flip side, they raise concerns about privacy and unwanted tracking, with their discreet form factor being a double-edged sword. Enter a crafty modification for the cautious: plucking out the speaker. This tweak turns the AirTag into a silent sentinel, ensuring that if it falls into the wrong hands, the would-be tracker is met with eerie silence instead of a revealing chime, leaving them clueless and the tracked blissfully unaware. This blend of practicality, privacy, and a pinch of humor paints a vivid picture of AirTags as not just a product, but a character in the grand narrative of our interconnected lives.

Ramen to Riches

This is a true rags to riches story, this time in the word of sports, but the key here, is like anything else in life, it takes dedication, hard work and perseverance to succeed. Cristiano Ronaldo, known for his incredible football skills, also boasts a substantial following on social media, particularly Instagram. His earnings from Instagram posts are remarkably high, reportedly reaching around $2.4 million per post on Instagram with 442 million followers.

Ronaldo is in a meeting with his financial advisor, who's showing him complex investment strategies. Ronaldo interrupts, “How about I just post on Instagram instead?” Both share a knowing smirk, acknowledging the absurd simplicity of his social media earnings compared to traditional financial planning.

Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, we mere mortals have to actually reskill and upskill. Just imagine, while Ronaldo posts a picture and buys a yacht, we're over here watching YouTube tutorials to keep our desk jobs!"

Being a regular person means embracing lifelong learning, because let's face it, our Instagram posts are worth exactly one like from mom and a thumbs up from an accidental click. Meanwhile, Ronaldo makes millions per post and probably thinks 'upskilling' is just choosing his next soccer boot color."

Because Lost Luggage is a Mood

Imagine swapping the soul-sucking glare of fluorescent lights in your cubicle (which closely resembles a lightly decorated jail cell) for the gentle kiss of the sun on a beach in Bali or the Swiss Alps. This is the siren call of digital nomadism, a lifestyle that's as much about freedom as it is about reliable Wi-Fi connections.

But before you start trading your ties for tank tops, it’s important to face the music—or rather, the sound of your email notifications in different time zones. Being a digital nomad isn't all about Instagram-worthy sunsets and sipping cocktails by the laptop; it requires a cocktail of discipline, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of Wi-Fi stronger than a triple expresso. Need some facts on digital nomad visas, you just found cornucopia of info.

So there ya have it, the nitty-gritty of digital nomadism, locale rankings, debunking myths (no, it's not a permanent vacation) and serving up facts (yes, you still have deadlines) faster than you can say 'remote work visa.'"


Note: This is a serious subject.

Sexual harassment, requires a nuanced and steadfast approach, one that ensures every employee, regardless of their role or attire, can work without fear of unsolicited 'compliments' or unwanted advances. Let’s make workplaces less about 'uncomfortable giggles' and more about 'comfortable productivity'.

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"Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done."

Peter Drucker

Pretend to Listen (But Do)

The world’s biggest climate joke, the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC, has just ended in the United Arab Emirates, where more than 80,000 delegates — including 2,400 from the fossil fuel sector, have conspired to talk a bunch of B.S. again. This time the conference was held in the UAE.

“The resolution is marred by loopholes that offer the fossil fuel industry numerous escape routes,” said Harjeet Singh, the head of global political strategy at nonprofit Climate Action Network International.

However vague or watered down the language, the deal looks out of touch with reality.

Color me stupid, but it seems to us that very recent M&A deals in the energy sector underscore a renewed focus on fossil fuels. Occidental Petroleum announced its intention to acquire shale oil company CrownRock, with a substantial investment of $12 billion in cash and stock.

Can you imagine ExxonMobil’s board talking about reducing output at the same meeting where they decided to invest $60 billion to aquire Pioneer Natural Resources. Or Chevron buying Hess for $53 billion, Hess has extensive oil reserves in Guyana, which Chevron said will bolster its production over the next ten years.

In addition, there's talk of another major deal in the pipeline, this time in Australia. Woodside Energy and Santos are currently discussing a potential merger. If realized, this merger would result in one of the largest global exporters of liquified natural gas (LNG), signaling a clear expectation of sustained high demand for this fuel type, particularly from Asian markets.

Now, for something less depressing, here’s an interesting intersection between AI, green and your career:

VIP (Very Impulsive Purchases)

The CDC outlines what they consider to be the proper amount of sleep per age group. Based on this, my dog absolutely wins hands down as the best rested of the family, while sleeping on the floor. But the bi-peds in the house the question becomes-does quality sleep affected by your bed sheets?

For a mere few thousand dollars, you too can drape your weary body in the fabric equivalent of a unicorn's mane, handwoven by moonlight and infused with the dreams of a thousand napping kittens. Because, let's face it, nothing screams 'practical investment' like spending a small fortune on something you'll drool on. It’s a well-known fact (in circles where money apparently also buys a sense of humor) that the higher the thread count, the closer one gets to achieving nirvana in their sleep. So, if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, remember, it's not your endless to-do list or the existential dread of your day job – it's probably just your reasonably priced bed sheets, cuz these aren’t them.

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