Opportunity Overdrive - Issue 1 - November 2023

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Byte-Sized Buzz: Because TL;DR is Life

First up, Yanis Varoufakis writes an interesting piece about the gravitational wells that large digital economy players are creating in the market and describes it as a type of feudalism—an important read for any fledgling e-commerce entrepreneurs out there.

Next this week, we look at Vietnam’s digital economy, which is expected to grow 20% a year in the 2023-2025 period, and the government’s efforts to support startups.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Mood Swings & Unicorn Dreams

Vanessa Van Edwards, a self-proclaimed recovered awkward person (and former proud owner of a plaid vest) drops some truth bombs about contagious humans.

Fresh Out of Silicon Valley (or Someone’s Garage)

AI customizing your job application in a few clicks? The clever Chrome extension Bardeen AI leverages ChatGPT to allow you to customize job application replies inside LinkedIn, quickly and easily.

Ramen to Riches

This week, we look at how one entrepreneur would reboot in 2024 and why random pottery class you took isn't so pointless after all. Who knew?

Starting over in 2024: Shaan Puri discusses the three Phases of success when “starting from scratch.”

David Epstein tosses the famous 10,000-hour rule out the window. Instead of saying we should all pick one thing and stick with it forever, Epstein suggests dabbling and exploring might be the secret sauce.

Because Lost Luggage is a Mood

Living the digital nomad life means you could be typing away on a beach in Bali one day and in a coffee shop in Paris the next. Fancy, right? But here's the catch: the freedom isn't free. You'll need some cash in the bank, whether from your 9-to-5 grind or from slinging those killer freelance skills. Want a hot tip? Start your globe-trotting gig on the side while you're still clocking in at your day job. That way, you can taste the wanderlust life with a safety net beneath you. And remember, always prioritize wifi over cocktails... or at least until you hit send!

In this week’s Nomad Nirvana, we check in with Ali Abdaal and his tips and tricks on the digital nomad lifestyle.


It’s Not a Trap, Just a Poll

In this week’s poll, we ask: is Jordan Peterson right when he states that most people will have jobs, not careers?

Most of us will never have a career. We'll have jobs.

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If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

Dhirubhai Ambani

Pretend to Listen (But Do)

Provocative predictions on the future (of the economy, market, consumers, technology and more) from Scott Galloway helpful to job seekers and entrepreneurs alike. An important watch.

VIP (Very Impulsive Purchases)

Inspired by the tried-and-true Pomodoro technique, this week’s tiny yet mighty cube is designed to supercharge your productivity. With a simple flip, you kickstart preset countdowns, or dive deeper with customizable alerts and modes. From the office to the kitchen, it’s versatile for any scenario. It’s pocket-sized, magnetic, and eco-friendly with its rechargeable feature.

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